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Mozart - 04 - Laudate Pueri
Mozart - 04 - Laudate Pueri
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05 clap your hands together like this


05 clap your hands together like this
Date: 20.08.2006 02:55
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a mechanics basic salary is 1,500 yuan, in equal shares to each of the guests who every day, in fact,[url=]scarpe hogan[/url], the cost of labor and materials add up to only ten dollars. According to our calculation, the community opened a small area of moxibustion health club, make two technicians, one day expenses such as rent utilities manpower needs 100-150 yuan, so doing, as long as there is a guest can come back to this, two guests to earn, Multi to earn a monthly profit of a community shop three operations in more than $ 40,000, "is based on this calculation, they played in joining the ad" one-off capital preservation.
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click alone, ask two,[url=]scarpe hogan donna[/url], said here nowhere,[url=]tiffany outlet[/url], there is not good, there is no scientific basis. "A staff member of Chaoyang District Health Bureau, told reporters that they received a lot of complaints about health clubs, and even the customers situation burns occur, but they have no punishment remediation, "Trade and Industry Bureau approved a health club, and they What do we have to mind, because they do not belong to medical institutions, they just are in a management vacuum, so big walking a fine line, we are studying countermeasures currently suggest that you still go to regular medical institutions qualified to do these projects safer medicine . "J024(Original title: claiming to cure health clubs).
there is no trained person could also be implemented, But the massage and acupuncture is different, they are belongs to the category of traditional Chinese medicine therapy, traditional Chinese medicine theory and techniques need to go through a system of learning, and after the qualifying examination, obtain physicians certificate before they can be, not what people can easily do.He said, moxibustion, cupping, scraping, massage, herbal medicine, acupuncture and acupuncture in general medicine hospital physiotherapy treatment related projects, if it is engaged in this work at the hospital, certainly need to have the relevant qualifications.
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you can look at and hepatobiliary related moxibustion points.""Moxibustion gallstones can cure it ""Of course, we have guests worse than your gallstones, cholecystitis has been developed to, and after doing a lot better moxibustion, smaller stones can exhaust themselves.""Take a couple can see the effect of it "After "should at least two courses of it, 10 times a course, today you first experience." Developed a program, the reporter was a young male technician brought a classical-style single room, ready for a good club to the guests clothes , began a 70-minute massage and moxibustion."Here is the care or treatment you do " Reporter asked the technician.
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please give us your medicine clinic visits under the clock to see what the problem is, you need how conditioning." Miss reception suggested.Reporters were taken to a hut, which is doctors office, a middle-aged female doctor diagnose the troubles of reporters, it is reported that she was born Chinese family, graduated from prestigious medical school, moxibustion therapy own yin and yang balance of the body in the industry quite fame. "You lack of blood, ah," while attending a pulse, the doctor asked, "Whats wrong with the body usually do ""My body is fine, for the first two years of medical examination had found gallstones.""I think you look at the pulse of hepatobiliary aspect is not very good.
000 yuanConsistent with expensive high-end health club known for reporters at this club to see a price list moxibustion is indeed staggering,[url=]scarpe hogan uomo[/url], the cheapest is 30 minutes moxibustion conditioning 388 yuan, while the characteristics of conditioning in the "stomach conditioning 60 minutes 688 Yuan "," kidney care 90 minutes 988 yuan ",[url=]hogan[/url]," Renduermo conditioning 80 minutes 1,[url=]orecchini tiffany prezzo[/url],088 yuan, "the most expensive" Five Extreme Conditioning 120 minutes 3888 yuan. "Doctors recommend reporter experience "hepatobiliary conditioning" price 688 yuan 60 minutes, according to the doctors treatment of gallstones program.
Elegant decoration, attentive service, do not understand the health project, expensive staggering price ...... luxury health club has a lot of mystery behind the veil of the unknown "trade secrets."Reporters on the city by a little known moxibustion unannounced visits to health clubs learned an expensive service project costs actually only ten dollars a day, as long as you can back to the reception of a guest book, claiming graduated medicine at the University of mechanic said that the minimum 5 days You can apprenticeship training, business scope is "cosmetic" there is medicine to treat a variety of chronic diseases Zuozhen boasted that not all kinds of medical institutions.
the staff said: "This do not worry, we have many nursed mature projects such as the liver and gallbladder,[url=]tiffany roma[/url], spleen and nursed back to health, renal care You just ask the guests about symptoms such as sleep, eating, etc., can be classified into fixed his project, not a problem, but this moxibustion no side effects, does not hurt. "Reporters unannounced visits at the flagship store, an official said here plenty of work 12 technicians learn traditional Chinese medicine, and some not,[url=]louboutin pas cher[/url], "we did not ask for this,[url=]chaussure louboutin[/url], you may say five days to learn a bit exaggerated, technical approach is indeed difficult.
do two courses of 20 times is 13,760 yuan. In the experience of the process, technicians at two points with moxa reporter back and leg grilled about half an hour, said these two points are relevant and hepatobiliary, moxibustion,[url=]louboutins[/url], the reporter speak local micro hot, technicians called "legs will feel a sudden warming", "meridians feeling smooth" and did not experience. "The first time you do it, the feeling may not be obvious, the feeling will often do more and more obvious." He explained that customers are membership here, you can do card, 5,000 yuan, 10,000 yuan, 30,000 yuan can, corresponding discount more cost effective.SecretMaterial labor costs 10 yuan a passengerBehind the expensive price tag.
No foundation can. "do moxibustion mechanic to reporters, also said point recognized as the core technology is actually not difficult," unlike moxibustion acupuncture treatment requires precise location, generally in a range on it. "SecretTCM projects carried outPhysicians need to obtain qualificationsProfessor Ma Jixing China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, told reporters that some of the traditional Chinese medicine therapies such as cupping, scraping, massage, acupuncture has a long history, is indeed a good for the body care and treatment, including cupping and scraping basically folk medicine for less demanding technical aspects.
not the foundation of traditional Chinese medicine." Has boasted profound medicine moxibustion techniques, you can learn to do five days posts yet "The basic approach can indeed in a very short period of time to master, you try to know, it is not difficult to learn, in addition to technique, we also responsible for training some simple theories of traditional Chinese medicine, and so when you can communicate more guests convincing. "Marketing Department staff explained to reporters. "I do not have any medicine foundation, how can you know which acupuncture moxibustion guests do " Doubts to reporters.
but the efficacy of hype ...... health department said that the current health club and injuries continue to suffer violations of public complaints , its chaos, "headache", but to manage it has no legal basis, as part of the policy vacuum.Unannounced visitsTCM says ZuozhenCan cure gallstonesWooden antique furniture, curtain and a houseful of paintings, filled with the faint aroma of wormwood, Ai Tong opened the door, feel the so-called "low-key luxury," the reporter to buy a discount price to buy here a price of 998 yuan moxibustion health experience projects. "You are the first to come First.
"a combination of care and treatment, in fact, Chinese medicine treatment of many chronic way better than Western medicine is better, I have a guest with diabetes, done after a period of moxibustion, basically you can withdrawal, many women common gynecological diseases, can be cured by moxibustion, and some time to bear fruit. "SecretCompany management projectsIs actually a "cosmetic"TCM Zuozhen can diagnose diseases, treatments and efficacy, these acts only in medical institutions can operate. However, a staff member of the clubs marketing department specifically told reporters: "We are health institutions.








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